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​We have a proven design with thousands of installations over the last 50 years, in the US and abroad. Our court design is so innovative it has received two US patents.

Like a finely built road car, much of the beauty of Reilly Green Mountain engineering is beneath the surface.


Our proprietary design and fabrication process insures that our customers receive the most advanced court. Reilly Green Mountain screen tension system prolongs screen life by employing shock absorber type springs to cushion impact. Reilly Green Mountain posi-lock snowboards are safe, attractive, durable, and easy to use. Every element of construction -- girders, joists, deck planks, side channels, and superstructure -- has benefited from years of refinement. Reilly Green Mountain employs highly skilled craftsmen who fabricate your all aluminum court in our state-of -the-art factory. This ensures built-in plant quality control prior to shipment. Skilled crews then install the court.



Whether you are looking to add a complimentary court at your club or install a court in your backyard, Reilly Green Mountain has the ideal court for you. 

Reilly Green Mountain has, by far, the largest selection of pre-owned courts in the industry. Our Certified Pre-owned courts go through a unique, rigorous Eight-Step Refurbishment and Certification Process at our manufacturing plant by the same craftsmen that fabricate our new courts.  


Refurbishment and Certification Process:

Thorough structural analysis
Complete upgrading of superstructure to today's standards

Strip decking of existing surface to almost bare aluminum and apply brand new aggregate surface

Application of new, factory baked surface to superstructure
All new screens, new snowboards
New net posts with removable crank, net and center strap
All new hardware including tension rods

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